About Us

ZAP™ specializes in retail and commercial sales & distribution. We developed the ZAP™ product line to be toxin free as well as safe for the surfaces you clean, the environment, animals and you.

The ZAP™ Stain Remover Pen, an environmentally-friendly stain remover pen, was our first product. The ZAP™ Stain Remover Pen has helped establish our mission of making the world a better place by making LIFE GREEN!

All ZAP™ products are designed with this idea in mind, and use only the highest quality, readily biodegradable ingredients from bio renewable sources. In addition, we will always strive to lesson our carbon footprint by sourcing ingredients, materials and packaging from local suppliers whenever possible.

In 2011, we successfully launched our new EZ ZAP green cleaning product line on Amazon.com. The EZ ZAP cleaning product line consists of environmentally-friendly, dissolvable concentrate packets designed to decrease the customer's carbon footprint by drastically decreasing packaging costs as well as shipping expenses. Along with the green benefits, our Paks also take up significantly less room than other ready-to-use and concentrated cleaners, which come in bottles, large jugs, and even barrels.

At ZAP™ Industries Inc. we believe to BE GREEN, you must THINK GLOBALLY and then ACT LOCALLY.

With such a unique story and mission we felt we needed a special product spokesperson. Almost immediately we came upon the idea of an animated version of the pen. From there we went through a couple of different designs and settled upon making him a Superhero. A few sketches later and his big eyes, Z emblazoned chest and flowing cape were added. Then with the right mixture of green and pink, ZAPMAN was born!

He’s a superhero who is tough on stains but gentle on the earth and us, strong yet inviting. Adored by children, while still relatable to adults. His message is “Life is Green”, and he is the perfect mixture of entertainment and education and the right character to help us MAKE LIFE GREENER!