ZAPFUNDZ™ is the easiest GREEN fundraising program you will find. Our program allows you to raise money online or in person for your group while helping to protect the environment. No Bulky Inventory & No Flimsy Brochures!

Online is so easy and all your supporters need to do is click on your name and they will go to your store. In person everything you need to sell the product is written right on the label, including the website that your supporters can visit to buy all of our GREEN Clean living products and 20% of their sale goes to your group continue allowing continuous support.

It's that easy! The best thing about our easy GREEN fundraiser is that as long as you have supporters visiting our site, clicking on your group name and buying from your store, your group is continually earning money with your never–ending fundraiser!

Visit ZAPFUNDZ today at www.zapfundz.com