Customer Testimonials

Here is what our customers have to say…

I bought the EZ ZAP green kit on Amazon. I have to say I am very pleased with these products. I like the fact that they are not toxic, but are clean feeling and they don’t make me sneese.

I love the EZ ZAP Bowl, Tile & Bath Cleaner. The product I was using before for my bathroom was so strong smelling it made me sick. This has a light scent and it is very easy to use. I also like that it came with a bottle.

I heard about your products from a friend and I wanted to say thank you for this line. My daughter has asthma and we have had a hard time with cleaners. These work well.
North Carolina

Thank you for putting your products on Amazon. I found them by accident and have tried your stain pen which works well. I will be trying more products in the near future.

I heard about your pen from a stock buddy and I love the New Zap pens. I work in an office and we all get a lot of coffee and ink stains on our clothes. Every stain so far we have tried the zap pen on, has been removed. I will be buying more in the future.

I just wanted to let you know of a couple of recent successes with the subject zap stain pen. I dropped a piece
of pickled beet on my favorite blue and white dress shirt, left a nasty stain. I went home and zapped it,
and I was amazed that it completely removed the stain. 100% gone!
Earlier in the week (prior to receiving the stain pen) I had stained a light shirt while opening a fresh pomegranate,
creating dozens of little red dots on the shirt. My wife laundered the shirt, and although it helped a bit, the
shirt was still ruined. I couldn't believe my eyes when your zap stain pen took the set-in pomegranate stain out of the shirt. It was a bad week for shirts, I usually don't ruin 2 in one week. Thanks for saving 2 shirts and one ego!

I received a free ZAP stain pen in your website promotion last fall. I decided to try it on the stubborn grass stain on my white golf shoe. I was surprised at how well it worked. The grass stain was gone and it didn’t ruin my shoes. I recently bought 3 more zap pens from your website and now keep a pen in my golf bag.
Greg M.

I wanted to let you know how convenient I find your zap stain pen and your hand sanitizer pen for travelling. I carry them in my purse and can’t believe how much I use them. I hope you start selling them in bigger amounts because I like to keep them in several places.

I think the Zap Pen rocks!!! I received my first Zap pen free - when I saw a promotion on-line in Sept or Oct 2009.  I have used this on several stains and it has worked very well. I now carry one in the car as well as my purse. I also love the fact that this is a "green" product. I can use it without worries that I am using something toxic. In addition, it is important to note that some green cleaning products that I have used in the past have a terrible smell and the Zap Pen is odor free!!
Debbie B.

These zap stain pens are absolutely fantastic.  In the past I have only been able to use Stain Stick to remove stains, and lately, that hasn't worked so well. Over the last 3 weeks I have used the stain pen on 3 stubborn stains, with EXCELLENT results.                 
1.  I used the stain pen on dried blood that had set in a cotton shirt for 11 hours.  It removed all of the blood.
2.  There was a coffee (cream & sugar) stain on a gray cotton shirt that had been laundered several times and treated with stain stick.  It did not come out.  I used the stain pen and the stain is completely gone.                                                                                
3.  On the bill of a baseball cap there were greasy finger prints.  The bill of the hat had been treated with stain stick and laundered.  Stains were still there.  I used the stain pen and they disappeared.
I am totally sold on this stain pen, and will continue to use it. Thanks for a great product.

My husband and I were at an Easter Morning Sunrise breakfast last Easter.  Dressed in our finest, my husband pierced his sausage link with his fork, and grease flew all over his NEW TIE.  People at our table gasped, as I did…I then remembered the Zap pen in my purse. I applied the pen to the tie, and to everyone's amazement, all the stains came out.   Well, people began asking me where they could get a Zap pen so as a result I have given your website to many people. Thank you, Zap Man.
Karen S.